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SOLD - TC1 Status Pen or Starter Herd for Breeders

Posted ON: May 06, 2016, BY Starbuck Whitetails

Start your herd or upgrade to Transfer Category 1 status pens with this awesome offering. TAHC year 6 anniversary 4/29/2016.  Starbuck Whitetails is offering a complete breeding package with 20 years of selective breeding built in the deal.  All deer are 31/32 or more pure South Texas Genetics. Package includes 11 bred doe and 2 exposed doe fawn.  Also included 10 bucks of all ages including Starbuck 727 II as breeder. Starbuck 727 II is a coming 3 year old Son of Gladiator Starbuck that scored 281 BC last year @ 2. Doe ready for Immediate delivery and Bucks will deliver when finished growing out to prevent antler damage during shipping. A robust semen package including 25 straws of each Gladiator Starbuck, Gladiator Starbuck II, Starbuck 727, Cactus Starbuck, Starbuck Dynamite, Starbuck Star Dat, and 30 Green is also included. Semen for Starbuck 727 II will be collected when moved this fall and buyer will receive 25 straws or half collection whichever is lower at no cost.

For more information call Keith Wieser, (214) 769-3151 or Steve Wieser(713) 501-8808!