• 100% Born and Raised in Texas
  • Breeder #TX2912

Bambi 727

Bambi 727 (DNAS# 2078) was 262” BC at 5 yrs old. Bambi 727 is the Monarch of Robert Williams Bambi line. Bambi 727 is a son of Bambi Zek and Grand son of Bambi Double Drop. He is one of the most widely bred Texas deer in the history of deer breeding.  He is sire to countless prolific breeder bucks across the nation. He has proven to pass great beam and tine length in his offspring.  Bambi 727 is great grand sire to Starbuck Whitetails own Starbuck 727 and Starbuck Dynamite.


Gladiator Mexicano

Gladiator Mexicano (DNAS# 15207) was 295” BC at 5 yrs old and 310” BC at age 6. Gladiator Mexicano is a son of legendary Gladiator over a PB grand daughter. His pedigree brings PB (Peanut son) on top and bottom of his pedigree.



Gladiator (DNAS# 12190) was 303” BC at 5 yrs old and 312” BC at age 6. One of the top producing sires in the history of deer breeding. Gladiator is the undisputed top Texas breeder of all time. He is the sire to Gladiator Starbuck and countless breeder bucks in the industry.


Cactus Jr

Coming Soon.